Information of Cuenca, Ecuador

Official Name of the city:
Santa Ana of the rivers of Cuenca

Historical note:
It was founded by the Spanish on April 12, 1557, near by theTomebamba Cañaris- Inca settlement .

Azuay province, southern area of the country.
2550 m. above the sea level.

Cuenca 550,000 inhabitants.
Azuay province 799.546 inhabitants.

Tomebamba, Yanuncay, Machángara and Tarqui

Highest mountain:
Mount Paragüillas, 4450 meters, Cajas national park.

Climate: Temperate

Temperature: 12 to 20 degrees centigrade.

Time Zone: 5: 00 GMT

Official languages: Spanish, Quichua, Shuar and several native languages. In most enterprises and tourist establishments English, French and German are also spoken.

Currency: US dollar

442 Km of Quito
By road 10 hours.
By aircraft 45 minutes.
180 Kilometers from Guayaquil
By road, trough el Cajas, 2 and a half hours.
By plane 30 minutes.
250 kilometres from Guayaquil
By road, trough Cañar, 4 hours.
By plane 30 minutes.

Banks, houses of Changes:
Attention from Monday to Friday, from 08 h 30 a18h00; Saturday from 09 h 00 to 13 h 00.

Commercial centers:
Open Monday through Saturday from 10 h 00 to 19 h 00 and Sunday from 10 h 00 a13h30

Suggested clothing:
During the day slightly sheltered, During the night sweaters and jackets are recommended. It is recommended to bring an umbrella.

593, country code
72, area code
Electric current: 110V


Public transportation:   
According to legislation taxis are required to provide onboard taximeters. Start  fee has a base of $ 0.46. A minimum carrier cost is $ 1.50.
We advise that the use of taximeters is not a fully adopted; in most cases direct negotiation is required.      
Radio Taxis collect passenger in any place and time. The price should be fixed when the service is requested.           
Buses run daily from 06 h 00 at 22 h 00. City fare is $ 0.25 cents.   
City parking is available from Monday through Friday, 07 h 00 to 19 h 30 and Saturday 07 h 00 to 14 h 00.
Tickets are available at stores nearby parking areas; 30 minutes cost $ 0.25.

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